Advanced Pastry Course, all the students successful

As their chef instructor Matteo Berti defined them, enthusiastic, motivated and keen on team working are the 37 students who have just graduated from the 10th edition of ALMA Advanced Pastry Course as Professional Pastry Cooks.

Nine of them graduated with a grade equal or higher than 90 hundreds, and Enrico Nativi turned out to be the best in the course, with a grade of 98 hundreds.

President Albino Ivardi Ganapini focused on the students’ high quality performance, in spite of the jurors’ severity in the final evaluation. «The School’s task – said Mr. Ganapini – is forming professionals with all the necessary skills and knowledge to face the present employment situation successfully».

ALMA Managing Director Riccardo Carelli has developed the concept of “brilliant employed”, for «out of 37 students in the Advanced Pastry Course, 17 have already received a job offer, in some of the restaurants or pastry laboratories they were assigned to for the internship, or at other prestigious ones. We are proud of their result, which is the crowning of ALMA teaching and training experience».

In the end, Headmaster chef Luciano Tona addressed the students and reminded them always to be daring and questioning themselves in their results. «Be greedy: greedy to learn – said Luciano Tona – for you have to be greedy at heart for improving your knowledge».

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