ALMA Advanced Course of Italian Cuisine: 90 “just graduated” students

This time 90 students - including Italian and International students – of the 15th edition of ALMA Corso Superiore di Cucina Italiana received a certificate of Professional Cook of Italian Cuisine from Master Chef Gualtiero Marchesi, Rector of ALMA. So far, almost 700 students have graduated at ALMA from culinary programs during its eight years of activity.

As the President Albino Ivardi Ganapini recalled, ALMA has always been very committed in the teaching and organization: for the final exam jury, for example, ALMA called in the panel 38 chefs from fine dining restaurants all over Italy and 10 ALMA teachers. ALMA Managing Director Riccardo Carelli focused on students’ career after ALMA: many a student have already received at least one qualified job offer. Furthermore, ALMA is about to launch ALMA link project, a tool for matching job offers and job demands from and to professionals of Italian Cuisine and food industry.

Chef Luciano Tona, Headmaster of ALMA, congratulated the students and urged them to be courageous and demanding: «Be greedy to learn», he said to all the graduates at the Chamber of Trade palace in Parma together with their parents, and shared this concept with ALMA’s Rector Gualtiero Marchesi.

A great success for everyone, especially for Daniele Donato and Antimo Maria Merone,who graduated as the best students of ALMA Corso Superiore with a grade of 95/100.

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