ALMA, the secret to success is the team

'Talent is what lets you win a match. Intelligence and teamwork let you win a championship'.

Thus stated Michael Jordan, the undisputed basketball phenomenon and expert in victories, with two Olympic gold medals and six NBA titles under his belt.

Michael Jordan's aphorism not only has sporting value: it can equally be applied to a reality like ALMA. If, in just nine years, the School has become the most authoritative training centre in the world of Italian cuisine, this is thanks to the people who have worked and are working now at Colorno: the team has come together step by step, with new entries who share the same enthusiasm and passion for their work as the old hands.

The spearhead of the ALMA team is a body of teachers of an extraordinary level, made up of top chefs and pastry chefs, the cream of Italian food connoisseurs and the most highly qualified experts in nutrition, food hygiene, the history of food, and the world of wine. All coordinated by Director of Education Luciano Tona.

Teachers are supported by an enlightened management team, ever heedful to understand and anticipate market trends and well oriented towards internationalization as testified by the EXPO 2015 project and ALMA's partnership with 14 international schools.

This very team, united and proud of being part of ALMA, is the most precious legacy that the new Chairman, Malanca, has received from Albino Ivardi Ganapini, who was one of the fathers and inspirers of the school.

A meeting involving all the staff – from teachers to secretarial staff, who provide support for teaching activities, maintain contact with hundreds of internship facilities and support students, to administrative and accounting staff who ensure prudent management of ALMA's resources, library staff, custodians of a unique heritage in the sector consisting of over 10,000 volumes, to service personnel who manage the central kitchen and the in-house restaurant – went over all the the steps of building this team and the new challenges it will be facing.

This meeting marked the beginning of a new phase in the life of ALMA; with this phenomenal team great educational goals have been reached, and now the time is ripe to equip trainers with brand new tools and know-how.

This too is ALMA...

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