ALMA VIVA 2012. First Act

Monday, March 12th was a nice, sunny spring day, and represented one of the most important events ALMA organizes in the gorgeous frame of the Reggia di Colorno, in spite of the work in progress to fix the damages caused by the earthquake.
A quite “familiar” start with Sponsors and Suppliers focused on ALMA and companies’ collaboration in terms of actual and potential benefits, established long ago with Barilla, Illy, S. Pellegrino, Electrolux, Coppini, Giblor’s, Piazza, and Bormioli, and more recently with Angelo Poretti, Mutti, CAMST, Pulitalia, Bertozzi, Ventura, and Alitalia. Mr. Paris gave an interesting presentation of EXPO 2015.
Early in the afternoon, ALMA and the Chamber of Commerce presented ALMAlink project, which is to be actualized in May on a web portal allowing ALMA graduates to check the most interesting job offers.
Followed a further presentation of ALMA-Plan new books:  “La Nuova Cucina Professionale” (the new professional cuisine), “Tecniche di Sala, Bar e Sommellerie” (restaurant and bar service techniques) “Dizionario di Enogastronomia” (dictionnary of food and wine, to be edited in five languages) and “Gusto Italiano” (Italian taste).
The most passionating moment was the convention “Italia, terra di eccellenze” (Italy, land of excellence) conceived by ALMA and Sanpellegrino Group in collaboration with Symbola, a foundation for promoting Italian quality.
After the greeting of ALMA President Albino Ivardi Ganapini and Rector Gualtiero Marchesi, Ermete Realacci, President of Symbola, introduced the topic and said: “The prestige of Italian gastronomy, style, design, art and fashion is a value to bet on for the future of the country and the young people”.
Stefano Agostini, Managing Director of Sanpellegrino Group spoke at the meeting as well as Oscar Farinetti, founder and President of Eataly, who talked about the new opening in New York and Tokyo, and stressed the importance of a strategy involving the country as a whole.
Fabio Renzi, Director of Symbola, explained the characteristics and the initiatives of the foundation.
It was then the turn for Clément Vachon to present and chair the debate, introducing the following representatives of Italian excellence: Palazzo Strozzi, Altagamma, Missoni (represented by Vittorio Missoni) FRAU, Prada (Luna Rossa), Identità Golose and some Italian wineries.
A rich view of Italian style and a veritable “wish for Italy” emerged as a leitmotiv when going abroad.
A beautiful gala dinner inside the Throne Room crowned a great day for ALMA.

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