ALMA Viva is back

ALMA VIVA (live ALMA) is more than ever alive and willing to share its programs and activities to improve the offer in Italian culinary education.

ALMA VIVA is not a spot event, to be repeated on a regular basis, but a veritable concept that we interpret according to the different opportunities we detect every year. This year will have a triptych structure, starting with a special day on March 12th, dedicated to Italian excellence and ALMA sponsors. In the month of May, the great cheese contest ALMA Caseus will take place at food exposition Cibus. In October, an entire day will be dedicated to ALMA International partner schools, who will be joining EXPO 2015.

The morning of March 12th will consist of a special event for ALMA Sponsors and Suppliers and include a presentation of ALMA 2012 teaching programs and of the opportunity they represent.

In the early afternoon, ALMA will also present ALMA Link project, for a better communication between ALMA graduates and possible employers meaning to hire professional staff members in the food industry.

Afterwards, ALMA and PLAN Publishing (based in Firenze), will be presenting four new text books dedicated to food and food lovers, and specially conceived for culinary schools: “Gusto Italiano” (Italian Taste), “Dizionario di Enogastronomia” (Dictionary of Food and Wine) with entries in five languages, “Tecniche di Sala, Bar e Sommellerie” (Restaurant Service, Bartender and Sommelier Techniques), and “La Nuova Cucina Professionale” (the new professional cuisine).

In particular “Gusto italiano” is a unique portrait of contemporary fine dining cuisine in Italy. Besides the press, important Italian chefs and representatives of Hotel Institutes will be attending the presentation, as well as Master Chef Gualtiero Marchesi, Massimo Montanari and Giovanni Ballarini.

Later in the afternoon, an important meeting called “Italia, terra di eccellenze” (Italy, land of excellence) will be held in collaboration with Symbola, the foundation for the promotion of Made in Italy, and Sanpellegrino Group, that published a “Reservation Book 2012”.

Every month is dedicated to 12 symbols of Italian excellence, such as Palazzo Strozzi, Altamarca, Fondazione Cini, Ferrari (luxury cars), Fiat 500, Ferragamo, Missoni, Bulgari, ALMA and some of the most important Italian wine companies. Each and every firm will be represented at the meeting, and Ermete Realacci will be representing Symbola. Stefano Agostini – Managing Director of Sanpellegrino Group, Pierluigi Sacco – teacher of Economics at IULM in Milano and Oscar Farinetti – creator and president of Eataly will be the speakers. A very important subject for the economy of the country, and a great opportunity to find new ideas for a further promotion of Italian culture.

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