Barbara Ghirardini, from amateur to private teacher

Barbara Ghirardini ( is a “child of ALMA” with a peculiar story. At first, cuisine was a simple passion related to her grand parents’ hotel during the summer holidays. Her daily life was a job at a lawyer’s office in Padova. Afterwards she decided to start a life-changing experience, and applied ALMA Advanced Course of Italian Cuisine. Nonetheless, she had no specific education or work experience in the field, which is a basic requirement to access the course. Therefore, she agreed with ALMA teachers an eight-month training period at “Le Calandre” and “La Montecchia” restaurants, next to Chef Massimiliano Alajmo.

«I found a patient and nice teacher in Massimiliano Alajmo–says Barbara–that I did not expect because of the common stereotypes about chefs. He urged me to be curious and to learn something new everyday, from ingredients to cooking techniques».

Barbara finally attended the 10th edition of ALMA “Corso Superiore di Cucina Italiana”, and graduated in July2009 after an internship at restaurant “La Montecchia” under the guidance of Chef Alajmo, and restaurant “Arquade”at Relais &Chateaux Hotel Villa del Quar with Chef Bruno Barbieri. While in school, Barbara’s love for cuisine increased, especially for what concerns the theory. «Hence my decision–says Barbara – to focus on teaching instead of working as a cook–too demanding a lifestyle! –and meet the culinary expectations of amaterus, from 18 to 65 years old, with different skills and levels. Method, order, strictness and attention for details: these are the key-concepts I learnt at ALMA and I’m trying to convey».

Presently Barbara is organizing Cooking Courses ranging from fish to pastry, from traditional desserts to finger food, appetizers or pies, sometimes in collaboration with cooking schools such as“Peccati di Gola” or “Mai Sazi”. Occasionally, Barbara is also a home cook, for those who have no time to dedicate to cooking or do not feel like it.

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