Chef Paolo Lopriore introducing a modern concept of Italian style, creativity

Paolo Lopriore, chef at “Il Canto” restaurant in Siena, is nowadays one of most gifted representative of Italian Cuisine. Very closely related to ALMA, he was trained by Luciano Tona and further improved his skills under the guidance of Master Chef Gualtiero Marchesi.

Which explains why chef Lopriore was glad to accept ALMA’s invitation to give a lecture to the students of the 15th edition of the Advanced Course of Italian Cuisine. He focused on a very articulated concept of Italian style, modernity and creativity, and underlined the importance of passion for work and strict selection of raw materials. By asking his chef assistant to prepare the recipe called “Uova di aringa, sedano e anice” (herring roe, celery and anise), he allowed the students to better understand the teacher/student relation in the kitchen.

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