Chefs Michel Magada and Marco Soldati go to Mexico and South Korea

ALMA is now going through a particularly intense period in terms of International relations: after visiting Canada for Viva l’Italia!, an event promoted by George Brown College Chef School in Toronto, the School has recently organized a visit to Mexico and to Korea.

From February 25th to March 4th, chef Michel Magada was visiting CESSA Universidad in Mexico City, where he gave cooking demos for the young cooks coming from San Ángel and Estado de México campuses.

He prepared dishes focused on Italian contemporary auteur cuisine, as well as the “classics” signed by Master chef Gualtiero Marchesi.

Furthermore, he presented the joint program that 13 Mexican students will be attending at ALMA at the end of May, including two months in school and five months of internship at the most renowned Italian restaurants.

On the other hand, the long-time partnership between ALMA and Il Cuoco - Culinary Institute in Seoul, was strenghtened by chef Marco Soldati’s visit to Korea, from March 5th to 11th.Which involved the students who will be joining the Italian Program in culinary lessons and demonstrations, and prepared them for their arrival in Italy.

On September 20th, 15 students coming from “Il Cuoco” will start their journey to become professional of Italian cuisine, after a 12 month course implying 3 months in school and 9 months of internship at an Italian restaurant.

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