Why is a didactic wine cellar so important for ALMA? ALMA Wine Academy at Vinitaly

During the 46th edition of Vinitaly, on Wednesday March 28th ALMA organized a meeting called “Wine education” to present ALMA Wine Academy, the section that the School has dedicated to the world of wine and wine programs.

The meeting was chaired by Alberto Schieppati, editing director of “Artù” magazine, and opened by Andrea Sinigaglia, director of Alma Wine Academy, who said: «We applied the same concepts of professionalism and excellence of fine dining Italian cuisine to create a special place inside the Colorno Reggia, where wine passion can turn into a profession, under the guidance of experts and through tailor-made sommelier programs».

As a support to the teaching programs dedicated to wine, both the Advanced Sommelier Course and the Master Sommelier ALMA-AIS, a didactic wine cellar was thus created to promote the high quality of Italian wine production in every region, and now includes 920 wines, provided by 568 Italian wine producers.

Pierluigi Gorgoni, wine-making and wine-tasting teacher at ALMA, as well as one of the authors of “I Vini d’Italia” Guide by L’Espresso, explained that «Building up a didactic wine cellar means giving the students a chance to take a sip of territorial culture. I personally consider the most characteristic wines, the ones with the most solid tradition, as “fundamental text books”: a didactic wine cellar is supposed to include them all, because the future wine professionals’ education and training is based on them».

ALMA teacher Matteo Pessina expressed a similar concept, and said that «all the wines included in ALMA didactic wine cellar are veritable tools at teachers’ and students’ disposal for professional training. Wines must be as different and dynamic as possible, for mutability is an important criterion in wine tasting and consumers’ habits. All the bottles in a didactic wine cellar must be carefully chosen in order to assure the effectiveness of a teaching method based on their use».

Paolo Tegoni, Director of the program Master Sommelier ALMA-AIS, focused on the need of integrating the knowledge on Italian wines with a specific education on wine marketing and communication.

Ms. Juliana Reis, Referent for Wine, Beverage and Restaurant Services at ALMA partner school Centro Universitario Senac in São Paulo, specified that they offer «A didactic dedicated to wine: every year 300 students graduate in our wine programs. We share with ALMA a philosophy of excellence, the quality of teaching and raw materials. Knowing Italian wine is necessary for students in Brazil who are willing to start a professional wine-related career».

The meeting “Alma Wine Academy: Wine Education” was closed by Andrea Sinigaglia, who informed Italian wine producers about the cultural investment they would made by providing ALMA wine cellar with the most representative wines in their territories.

«These wines – said Andrea Sinigaglia – will contribute to the future wine professionals’ education, and their use as didactic tools –all of ALMA programs include hours dedicated to Italian wines –will be recorded and sent to the producer to inform them».

Three graduates from ALMA Wine Academy spoke at the meeting, too: Gloria Mainella and Luca Grezzani, graduates from Master Sommelier ALMA-AIS, and Nunzio Pulice, graduate from ALMA Advanced Sommelier Program.

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