Enrico Piazza visiting professor at ALMA Food and Beverage Manager Course

Another special guest gave a lecture on Monday, February 27th at ALMA, as a visiting professor for Food and Beverage Manager course: Enrico Piazza, Sales Manager of Piazza Effepi, the leading company producing stainless steel culinary equipment for professional and domestic use.

Enrico Piazza mostly focused on the concept of service, or else the culture of production for use: that is to say products conceived for professionals’ specific needs in the field of hospitality-related services. Items must be functional, versatile and pleasant in their aesthetic aspect, such as Piazza ice-cream scooper, tongs for spaghetti and chinois.

Enrico Piazza has also explained his company’s products in terms of people sharing their knowledge and skills for finding functional solutions, such as researchers, in charge of analyzing future trends, and designer representing leading schools like IED and ALMA.

The second part of his lesson was dedicated to the importance of choosing professional equipment when starting a food or wine-related activity. Items are usually chosen according to the  price rather than the actual quality. Piazza Effepi is strongly determined to change this mentality: a key role to be played by sales agents and communication managers, who are supposed to advise customers for the better.

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