Exam time and farewells for American and Turkish students

Smiles, cheers and ritual group photos, with Chef Bruno Ruffini in the middle: this was the conclusion of the ceremony to award attendance certificates to students from the ICC of New York and those of the MSA of Istanbul.

Alyssa, Christine, Hadley, Lorena, Frankie, Batu, Tolgahan, Selim, Deniz, Huma e Serdad: these are the names of the American and Turkish students who, after a preparatory course in their countries of origin, decided to come to Italy to “master” the secrets of its cuisine. Their choice fell on ALMA as the most authoritative training centre of Italian Cuisine in the world.

The ICC and MSA students attended two months of courses at the School in Colorno under the careful guidance of chef Ruffini; they then travelled a little all over Italy for their internship period (two months for the American students and five months for the Turkish ones) which allowed them to test what they had learned in class and to grow professionally in a challenging environment, very similar to the one they are expected to cope with after completing their education.

Great satisfaction was expressed by the management of ALMA in the words of its Managing Director, Riccardo Carelli: 'We are honoured that prestigious institutes like the ICC of New York and the MSA of Istanbul have decided to start a joint program with our school. The commitment we have undertaken with the American and Turkish students was twofold: training new Ambassadors of Italian cuisine in the world and offering them the professional skills required to successfully deal with the labour world'.

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