Malaysia, ALMA signs a partnership agreement with KDU and introduces the Master Chef Certification program

A new partner school is now included in ALMA International network: KDU University College in Kuala Lumpur.

Actually, from March 11th to 16th Managing Director Riccardo Carelli and Executive Manager Andrea Sinigaglia joined the College’s events based on Italian cuisine.

Riccardo Carelli signed the agreement, thus making KDU part of ALMA international school network.

The Italian Ambassador in Malaysia, Mr. Folco de Luca Gabrielli, and Director of Kuala Lumpur ICE, Mr. Andrea Ambra, attended the ceremony, too.

An important aspect in the agreement is the creation of a program called “Master Chef Certification”: it is a Bachelor program in Italian Cuisine dedicated to the KDU teachers who may be willing to acquire a specific knowledge on Italian Cuisine, and apply it to aspirant chefs’ professional training and education in Malaysia.

“Master Chef Certification” will be structured on three intensive units, corresponding to nine months on the whole. The first unit will focus on methods and techniques, most of all about teaching the so-called “grammar of taste” concept to students, the cultural basis of kitchen activities, nutrition, hygiene, history and culture, sensory analysis and food cost control.

The second unit will develop the teaching methods, in terms of organizing cooking demos and training classes, explaining cuisine’s evolution, tradition and innovation. The third and last unit will be dedicated to pastry.

In order to obtain a qualification of Master Chef by ALMA, the professionals who chose to attend the program will have to go through the three units and draw a final report.

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