IFB for the management of new catering facilities at the Vicenza Trade Fair organised by ALMA

During the redevelopment of the trade fair area in Vicenza, The International School of Italian Cuisine ALMA was chosen by the fair organisers, Fiera di Vicenza SpA, to give advice concerning the revamping of its refreshment facilities (bars, restaurants, catering services).  In fact, in 2014 the Vicenza Trade Fair will metamorphose into The Boutique Show, offering spaces and services in line with the most advanced standards to favour the encounter between the supply from partner companies and international and domestic demand. 

Amongst the core services of a leading trade fair organisation, catering plays a key role. For the activation and management of such highly qualified and specialised services, Fiera di Vicenza SpA decided to launch an international selection to find a Contractor for the lease of a company branch for the creation, implementation and management of catering services at the Vicenza Trade Fair.  Both Italian companies and foreign companies with headquarters in Italy may take part in the bid.

Thanks to ALMA's advice, Fiera di Vicenza SpA drew up an Invitation for Bid (IFB) that requires participants to come up with three specific projects: an architectural/functional one to complete all the company branch spaces to lease, one dedicated to procedures to guarantee high quality services, and a gastronomic one with a twofold vocation, for lunch a “Quality Italian Trattoria” and for the evening a “Gourmet Restaurant”.   The "Quality Italian Trattoria" must be conceived as a place that promotes the Italian culinary heritage with a focus on quality products from the Veneto region (PDO, PGI, TSG, and Pat). Also the restaurant concept must promote the gastronomic tradition of Italy and the Veneto region, while remaining open to international techniques and influences. The ALMA experts, along with Fiera di Vicenza SpA, identified parameters to define the catering facilities so that they might serve as an innovative model of trade fair hospitality, where the territory, the business environment, and internationality can intermingle. 

This is an important opportunity for the growth of local economy and professional opportunities, an international showcase for excellence and the promotion of national and local traditions and products.

The expression of interest can be viewed on the official website of Fiera di Vicenza SpA


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