Patrizio Bianchi, special guest at ALMA

ALMA Food and Beverage Manager course is heading to the end of the in-school part, which started in September and students are now facing the very core of food industry business management. Special guests and experts are invited to implement teachers’ lessons by applying theoretical concepts to their professional experience as a practical example.

Hence the quest for excellent guests, such as Professor Patrizio Bianchi, present councillor for Education, professional training and University of the Region Emilia Romagna.
Patrizio Bianchi, also famous economist and Rector of the University of Ferrara, gave a lecture about strategic marketing, and focused on social changes, services and demand analysis, market segmentation and market opportunity research.
Professor Bianchi interacted with students and focused on marketing innovation in services and product identity in offering entrepreneurial competition, by taking real examples and case histories.
A mind-opening contribution for future managers.

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