Taiwan, a possible new frontier for ALMA

The institutional mission to the SHIH CHIEN University in Taipei was an opportunity for ALMA to cement a new possible partnership on the island of Taiwan with the aim of promoting professional training in Italian Cookery across the world.

Professor Andrea Sinigaglia prepared a report for ALMA on the relationship between Italian cuisine, health and product certification - topics that are very current in today’s Chinese gastronomic scenario.

The trip to Taiwan also included Taichung, the second largest city in Taiwan, where an interesting school of over 5,000 pupils could also be a potential partner for the diffusion of Italian cookery.

For ALMA, Chiang Pei Hua was the interpreter and promoter of these new initiatives: his is the great task of bringing ALMA’s professionalism and high level of training into his country, Taiwan.

Autumn will see the start of promotional events arranged by ICE who are looking forward to experiencing the excellence of Italian cuisine.

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