Waiting for ALMA Link. Where are ALMA graduates? Estatico, the model student who has written a book about Neapolitan cuisine

Born in 1985 in Naples, Eduardo Estatico arrived at ALMA in 2008, attending the tenth edition of the Advanced Course of Italian Cuisine.

Despite his young age, he already had extensive experience: in fact, not only had he attended his city's Hotelier Institute, but as a teenager he was used to working in the kitchen over the summer. Amongst his many jobs, he worked at the Ristorante Ciro in the Mergellina area of Naples.

Why ALMA? 'I felt the need to make a quantum leap,' explains Eduardo, 'I consider myself an ambitious person, so I wanted to accept the challenge with the hope of ending up working as a top level chef.  What attracted me in Colorno was the School's great reputation and the fact that the Rector was Maestro Marchesi, whom I considered a reference point'

'At Alma,' Estatico goes on, 'I had the opportunity to get to know some great teachers. Beginning with the Director of Education, Luciano Tona, who eventually became a great friend: amongst the most valuable lessons I learned, was unquestionably the importance of a solid work ethic. Other memories are tied to Andrea Sinigaglia, a teacher of history and culture, thanks to whom I discovered that behind each recipe lie not only techniques but also territory and culture'.

Eduardo did his internship in the Veneto region, his grandmother's homeland, at "La Peca" Restaurant in Lonigo (Vicenza) belonging to the Portinari brothers and he remained there on concluding his brilliant training at ALMA, where he graduated with a score of 92/100 being the best student in his course. Today Estatico still keeps in touch regularly with the Portinari brothers, 'We speak more or less every week'.

After this experience, starting in 2010, Eduardo worked for eight months at the “Casa del Nonno 13” Restaurant, at Mercato San Severino (Salerno), then moved to Rome, to Boscolo Aleph in Piazza Barberini, where he stayed for a year.

'It was at this time' Estatico says, 'that I began to develop the idea of writing a book on Neapolitan cuisine.  A key meeting was with Gerardo Gagliardi, who became passionate about cooking after watching his grandmother in the kitchen, and who is a lover of traditional Neapolitan cuisine. In just three months, between us we wrote “L'arte di cucinare alla napoletana" (The Art of Neapolitan Cuisine), which features over 200 classic Neapolitan recipes enriched by anecdotes, proverbs, curiosities and historical notes. In this way we want to help the reader grasp the genuine soul of Naples. The book came out in December 2011, published by Newton Compton'.

In 2012 Eduardo plunged into a new professional adventure: he is now working in Portici, at the  C&D Ristorante Vesuviano, which offers contemporary cuisine inspired by the past.

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