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Born in 1970, Gianluca De Carlo has been dealing with cuisine since he was 15, thanks to his uncle, who first tested him at “La Panoramica” restaurant in Potenza, to become his future own restaurant. In spite of his studies to become electrotechnician, Gianluca never quits his passion for cuisine: he works at “Da Paolo” restaurant in Corvara, and in Tabiano, at Park Hotel “Fantoni”.

After these experiences, Gianluca De Carlo decides to focus on his real calling, and enrolls in the 5th edition of ALMA Advanced Course of Italian Cuisine. While in Colorno, and during his stage at “La Cantinetta” restaurant in Felino, under the supervision of chef Roberto Pongolini, Gianluca discovers the importance of always selecting fresh, top quality ingredients, that he learns how to de-construct and re-construct in a wider variety of recipes and preparations. In addition to that, he applies Italian tradition to personal interpretation,which is now characterizing his style.

Once he graduated, in July 2006 Gianluca De Carlo worked at “La Tavola Rotonda” restaurant at Castello di Chiavenna Landi, “Casa Romagnosi” and “Grand Hotel Porro” in Salsomaggiore Terme (Parma).

Gianluca De Carlo is now chef at “L’Altro Sapori e Sapere” (www.laltrosaporiesapere.com), that he manages with Annarosa Medaglia. The restaurant in located in one of the most ancient neighborhood in Brescia, and is a balanced mixture of modern and traditional cuisine, specially focused on salt waterfish.

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