Waiting for ALMA Link. Where are ALMA graduates? Nunzio Pulice, from ALMA to the temple of wine shops

Born in Belmonte Calabro (Cosenza), Nunzio Pulice successfully attended the second edition of ALMA Advanced Sommelier Course, and graduated on February.

After attending the Hotel School in Paola, and after several professional experiences at different restaurants, Nunzio applied in 2005 to the college program in “Economics and tourist services management”, promoted by the Università degli Studi di Firenze.

During that period, he spent  10 months in Alicante (Spain) with the Erasmus project, and attended a bartender course promoted by AIBES – Italian Association of Barmen and Supporters, thus acquiring a further professional experience.

Once his college studies achieved, Nunzio Pulice leaves Italy and works in Australia (between Sydney and Melbourne), Madagascar (for six months) and Switzerland (for eight months).

After these journeys, in October 2011 Nunzio reaches ALMA in Colorno: «I chose ALMA Wine Academy because, in spite of many years of work experience, I felt like I had to further specialize. What most attracted me about the Advanced Sommelier Course is the relation between Italian wine and Italian food culture. In this perspective, I remember with a special attention Stefano Bentley’s lectures about Italian gastronomic culture, products and raw materials. The first impact was not simple, for I had a previous experience on some subjects, but wine-related subjects were more difficult to me. Although five months may seem to be a long time, this subject is endless, and I would have liked to spend more time with my wine teachers, Matteo Pessina and Pierluigi Gorgoni».

After an internship at “La Peca” restaurant in Lonigo (Vicenza), owned by the brothers Portinari, Nunzio graduated at ALMA as a Professional Sommelier.

Presently, Nunzio Pulice is working at the wine shop “Bottega del Vino” in Verona, since 1860 a historic point of reference for wine lovers and experts. «It is a great opportunity, because I can apply everything I learnt by ALMA professionals – says Nunzio Pulice. - For the future, I would like to move to Germany and learn German, as well as I would like to acquire further skills in management. It is a long-term vision, but for the moment I just want to focus on wine and sommellerie».

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