With Alitalia, the regional cuisine of ALMA's master flies around the world

The partnership between ALMA and Alitalia is reconfirmed for 2012 after the Italian airline was given the "Best Airline Cuisine" Award, a prestigious recognition for the meals served to passengers on intercontinental routes in Magnifica Class, whose menus are in fact designed by ALMA, under the guidance of Director of Education Luciano Tona.

ALMA's gastronomic proposal, which through this partnership aims to promote the excellence of Italian food and wine worldwide, will continue to develop the theme of Italian regional traditions. PDO and PGI products are key elements of the recipes together with the mastery of ALMA's chefs, who will develop the Italian styles in line with the rules of haute cuisine.

As part of this collaboration, ALMA will also be designing the menus for Alitalia passengers in Economy class.

Chef Luciano Tona talks about the partnership between ALMA and Alitalia in an interview article entitled "Chef d'altitude" published on the July issue of Gentleman, a special issue of the magazine celebrating its 10th anniversary.

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