Advanced Course of Italian Cuisine

Success stories

Luca Abbadir

Abbadir, best sous-chef of Italy triumphs at Semana Mesa

Luca Veritti

Executive Chef at the Met Restaurant earns a Michelin star

Anna Ciccarone

From student to chef instructor

Fabio Brocaioli

Fabio Brocaioli

Brocaioli runs the historic Enoteca Finzi

Laura Torresin

Laura Torresin

From the Course in Basic Techniques to "Almost Famous Chef" in Napa Valley

Mariasole Capodanno

Mariasole Capodanno

Mariasole, the globe-trotting chef who coordinates staff all from ALMA

Marzio Bonanni

From Po sands to Miami shores

Fabrizio Iannacci

From Puglia to Bruxelles

Massimo Gatti

Massimo ennobles pizza at Identità Golose

Francesco Mariani

Crowns the dream of opening his own “osteria”

Gianluca De Carlo

Eduardo Estatico

The model student who has written a book about Neapolitan cuisine

Haley Stevens

Haley Stevens

From ALMA to being a chef teacher at the Italian Culinary Academy in New York

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