Job Placement for ALMA graduates

ALMA is a path that does not come to an end with exams or certificate. The school accompanies graduates through the working world


ALMA actually helps graduates in finding their way into the working world by linking them to Restaurants, Hotels and all companies where the high competences acquired in ALMA can be a precious added value, all this is possible with the portal

A ‘virtual notice board’ restricted to ALMA graduates of the advanced courses and accessible to companies looking for qualified professionals.

A fundamental opportunity for graduates to stay up-to-date with the best job opportunities for their professional growth in Italy and all over the world and a unique tool for companies looking for well trained staff.

ALMA & Obiettivo Lavoro

ALMA's professional network expands thanks to an agreement with Obiettivo Lavoro (, a leader in the Hotel and Resort sector, strengthens and expands the opportunities for the School's students also at an international level with a network active in Italy, the main countries of Europe, in Canada, the United States, North Africa, South Africa, the Middle East, India, China and Australia, and gives them tools to acquire a thorough knowledge of the labour market and instruction on how to actively search for a job.
Not only that, students from ALMA can personally meet Human Resources managers from large hotel and catering chains and benefit from direct information on the possibility of placement in their structures.

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