Advanced Course in Italian Cuisine (10 months)

The first course in Italy for the advanced training in Italian Cuisine

A high level program for those who want to invest in their future by learning Italian Cuisine from the greatest Chefs and the best Teachers.

  • Professional Cook of Italian Cuisine (subject to final examination)
    • Graduates from Hotel Schools and Institutes
    • Young Italian and foreign cooks with 2 years of experience
    • A very good knowledge of Italian is a basic requirement
  • 25th edition March 25th 2014 – March 6th 2015
    26th edition May 27th 2014 – May 7th 2015
    27th edition November 25th – October 30th 2015

    Each course lasts 10 months and is split into two phases:

    • Residential Phase:
      5 months (800 hours) of lectures and practical sessions at the ALMA headquarters at the Reggia di Colorno. 8 hours per day from Monday to Friday.
    • Professional Internship:
      5 months with a prestigious Italian restaurant that has an arrangement with ALMA.
  • The course fee is: €12.500,00 + VAT 22%

    Ease of payment

  • ALMA has some comfortable residences near the School (“Alma Housing”).
    These residences offer students various kinds of shared accommodation.
    Each apartment features a living room with cooking corner and bathroom: the monthly rent, including expenses, is 250,00 € for rent plus 185€ maintenance costs per month.

    For more information:

  • The course includes:

    • Cooking and baking techniques
    • The cuisine of the Italian territories 
    • Sensory analysis 
    • Elements of oenology
    • Elements of management in the food and beverage sector 
    • Nutrition 
    • History and culture of Italian cuisine 
    • Food Safety - HACCP 
    • Didactic Outings

    Professional Internship

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