A special place to transform your passion into a profession, under the guidance of great masters of the trade, by means of courses tailor-made to meet your requirements.

Sommelier courses, masters, tailor-made courses, technical tastings, refresher programmes, and all in an extraordinary location, with the latest generation technology and a didactic wine cellar that is unique of its kind in Italy.

The skills acquired by choosing to take an ALMA Wine Academy course represent a concrete opportunity for education in the world of wines and other beverages, to create an international professional well versed in their technical and cultural aspects, and who will therefore be in a supreme position to communicate intrinsic characteristics and dynamics.

Professional Sommelier International Course
Master Somellier ALMA - AIS
Didactic Wine Cellar - The Alma selection Tailor Made Courses

Work opportunities
ALMA Wine Academy is a place entirely given over to anyone who intends to enter the world of wine, or further their own specific knowledge, also in roles as different as the classic sommelier, brand ambassador, consultant, or communicator.

Teaching methods and technology
Every ALMA Wine Academy programme takes place in classrooms that feature dedicated technology. The sommelier classroom includes 21 workstations, each of which has a personal computer connected to the Internet, a technical tasting area, a box to get rid of wine that has been tasted and individual lighting. The school's restaurant is where such practical sommelier activities as serving and selling are practised.

Accommodation for those attending the school is just a stone's throw away. ALMA has three comfortable residences with 2-, 3- or 4-bed apartments featuring a living room with a cooking corner and bathroom, situated just a short distance from the sports grounds at Colorno.
ALMA is therefore full equipped for students looking for alternative local solutions.

Alma Wine Academy
Presentation on the 14 May 2010: Training in the World of Wine

With the participation of:

Terenzio Medri - Chairman of the Italian Sommeliers’ Association (AIS)
Rossella Romani - Head of AIS Teaching Commission
Andrea Sinigaglia - Head of ALMA Wine Academy
Novella Bagna - Lecturer at the Taster Study Centre
Massimiliano Bruni - Director of the Master in Fine Food & Beverage Management SDA Bocconi
Furio Brighenti - Chairman of the Degree Course in Gastronomic Sciences, University of Parma
Luigi Bavaresco - Lecturer in Viticulture, Faculty of Agriculture, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Piacenza
Alberto Ugolini - Brand Ambassador for Santa Margherita Wine Group
Andrea Ascolese - Journalist from the magazine, La Madia Travelfood
Andrea Grignaffini - ALMA Wine Academy Scientific Committee
Ferruccio Ferragamo - Il Borro Farm
Matteo Pessina - Lecturer in Oenology at ALMA