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Alma Scuola Cucina through RSS (Really Simple Syndication), gives the opportunity to its readers to be informed in real time.
With RSS feeds, you can receive on your computer updates on the latest news published on the site. The RSS feeds are the ideal way to get the latest news even while working on other documents or visiting other sites.

A special program called "aggregator" that provides access to the RSS with a few simple steps. There are different types of aggregators, depending on the computer, the operating system and in some cases the browser you are using. You can find many On the web, to download to your computer or used through the web.

Here are some aggregators:


Alma Scuola Cucina makes available via RSS the title, the summary and the address of all articles published on the homepage and in the various sections.


How to Use RSS Feeds


  1. Download, install and run an aggregator, the program that will allow you to group Rss news Channels that interest you. 
  2. To add the feed to your aggregator you must have the feed link of the site you need. To find the links of the feed you need to look for the RSS or XML icon, point it with the mouse and copy the link (in Windows, right-click) 
  3. Now return to the main screen of the aggregator, click the + icon in the upper left "New Feed" and write or copy, within the window that opens, the feed address then click "Next" 
  4. Another confirmation dialog box appears for the name to display in your aggregator 
  5. At this point you are ready to allow your reader to work. Remember, clicking twice on the news headlines, it will open in the area to the right  the site page from which the news comes.


List of RSS feed of Alma:

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