Ease of payment

With the Alma System you are covered right up to the total amount of the Course.

“Alma System" is a unique, personalised  payment system which, in association with Institutes of Credit that have an arrangement with ALMA, allows you to cover the entire cost of your Course.
“Alma System" allows those who believe in themselves and want to invest in their future to complete their professional training, by paying according to a personalized programme.

Repayments may be spread over a period of up to five years, with a total of 60 monthly instalments

The interest rate can be fixed or variable. Payment must be made by direct debit from your own current account, or the account of another person to be nominated.
You will be asked for proof that you can repay the loan (e.g.: by showing a pay slip, a tax declaration, etc.). Where these conditions cannot be fulfilled, a third party guarantor is required (e.g. parent, relative, etc.), in addition to a tax code and IBAN number..

As an example of a loan of €1,000:

  • Repayment in 12 monthly instalments of €87.00
  • Repayment in 24 monthly instalments of €45.00
  • Repayment in 36 monthly instalments of €31.50
  • Repayment in 48 monthly instalments of €24.50
  • Repayment in 60 monthly instalments of €20.50

For further information, please contact:
Egidio Lina
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