All the shades of Amatriciana!

33 chefs and their signature recipes for the"Amatricianae" project, a book published to celebrate and talk about a recipe that is the symbol of italian cuisine, and to give a contribution to rebuild Amatrice

Amatricianae - CopertinaOne year after the earthquake, the book “Amatricianae: Grandi Chef Italiani Insieme per Amatrice” will be available in bookshops and online. The book is a charity publishing project resulting from the idea of the Casa Editrice Plan publishing house (with headquarters in the Marche region), that experienced the 2016 events from a close distance, and the contribution of ALMA - The International School of Italian Cuisine.

The result of a great team work, the book “Amatricianae” collects the recipes of more than 30 representatives of Italian high cuisine, who, in collaboration with the Municipality of Amatrice (which has protected the authentic recipe with a mark of origin), have proposed personal interpretations of Amatriciana pasta.

The proceeds from the sale of the book, having a cover price of 19.90 euro, will be used to finance some reconstruction projects in Configno, a hamlet near Amatrice known for its Museum of Traditional Arts, set up with the oversight of the Ministry of Fine Arts, for its naturalistic oasis, and for an international road running (at its 40th edition this year) that saw the participation of Olympic champions like Gelindo Bordin and Stefano Baldini.

Enrico Nativi

The President of ALMA Enzo Malanca explains: «We could not remain insensitive to the call for help of the people hit by the earthquake: starting from a recipe that is the symbol of the Italian culinary tradition like Amatriciana, which has become the heart of many charity events in the last 12 months, our School wanted to involve great chefs, the same it has been collaborating with since 2004 to train the future ambassadors of Italian cuisine and with whom it promotes our food identity worldwide. The response was extraordinary: more than thirty great representatives of signature Italian cuisine joined in.  The result is ‘Amatricianae’, a must volume for foodies and cuisine aficionados: it can be considered an unprecedented journey through the history, characteristics and interesting facts of Amatriciana».

The publishing project promoted by ALMA and Edizioni Plan saw the contributions of, in alphabetical order: Paolo Barrale; Massimo Bottura; Carlo Cracco; Moreno Cedroni; Stefano Ciotti; Bruno Cossio; Accursio Craparo; Enrico Crippa; Stefano Deidda; Loretta Fanellla; Fabio Giacopelli; Herbert Hintner; Ernesto Iaccarino; Antonia Klugmann; Pietro Leemann; Paolo Lopriore; Isa Mazzocchi; Alessandro Miocchi; Enrico Nativi; Davide Oldani; Giuseppe Pellegrino; Giancarlo Perbellini; Valeria Piccini; Niko Romito; Angelo Sabatelli; Luigi Salvi; Davide Scabin; Maurizio and Sandro Serva; Filippo Sinisgalli; Massimo Spigaroli; Luciano Tona; Fulvio Vailati; Gianfranco Vissani. Another must is the personal interpretation of Amatriciana by Maestro Gualtiero Marchesi, with his dish called “Insieme”, i.e. together, with its unmistakeable elegance.

The book “Amatricianae” is however much more than a recipe book.

Antonia KlugmannThe culinary sections (“Fedelissimi creativi”, “Amatriciana nel cuore”, “White amatriciana”,  “Alternativi ispirati”, “Amatriciana di fiume, nell’orto e in insalata”, “L’Amatriciana to go” and “Dolce e cara Amatriciana”) are indeed accompanied by original contributions written by ALMA teachers: for example Luca Govoni, Head of History and Culture of Gastronomy, analyses the historical context of the Amatriciana recipe, whereas Davide Mondin, expert of Certifications and Typical Products, examines the profile of ingredients.

The topic of the relationship between food and land is dealt with by Fabio Amadei, teacher of History and Culture of Gastronomy, whereas the analysis of the recipe is proposed by Marino Marini, the all-time librarian of ALMA. Last but not least, the food and wine critic Andrea Grignaffini tries to clarify the never-ending dilemma of onion in Amatriciana; instead the journalist and teacher Pierluigi Gorgoni suggests some wine pairings.

Gianfranco VissaniThe book “Amatricianae”, that opens with a section entitled “Prolegomeni” and with the recipe of an authentic inhabitant of Amatrice like Luigi Salvi, from Configno, the descendant of a family of restaurant owners and President of an association committed to protecting the cultural and culinary traditions from this area.

Arturo Delle Donne‘s pictures will guide readers through the book with his unmistakeable style that immortalizes each preparation in its full intimacy reaching a very deep level of closeness with the image.  The cover by Ugo Nespolo, one of the most acclaimed contemporary Italian artists, is unique. It is an original and bright screen printing that recalls the undeniable union of art and gastronomy: the latter being a combination of tradition and renewal that represents a regeneration factor and has the ability of making a known reality perceived as something new.

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