Bruno Cossio

Favourite dish to eat:

spaghetti with garlic, oil and chilli

Favourite dish to cook:

meat, more specifically game for its versatility

Cooking in 3 words:

art, science, passion

Born in 1984, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Chef Bruno Cossio developed from a very early age a particular connection with cooking. Just like the solution to a nagging question, cooking and its interpretations left in Bruno the fragrance of a revealing answer, the joining point of his Italian/Brazilian origins.

Thus, at the age of 16, he left behind the cultural cauldron of Sao Paulo and decided to move to Italy, to the Romagna region of Pellegrino Artusi, where he attended the Hotel School that takes its name from the first Italian gastronome. Immersed in his studies among steaming stocks for cappelletti and passatelli, Cossio took his first steps as Chef in different 5-star luxury hotels. The ability to balance the mixture of traditional and exotic ingredients soon became Cossio’s strong point, the international stylistic hallmark of unmistakeable talent.

Bruno Cossio has been at ALMA since 2011 and teaches the Advanced Course of Italian Cuisine. For him cooking is spontaneity. After mastering the basics, instinct takes over from reason and what emerges is the pleasure of creating something for someone. Spontaneity is found in movements, in gestures, in freedom of thought. When the students become confident with the different cooking techniques and foods they can also understand the concept of lightness and immediacy. Seeing them grow professionally and working alongside them during their training is the task of a teaching chef who sees himself in them and understands their strengths and limits.

Topic: multi-ethnic cuisine. Ultimately there isn’t a great difference between international and Italian cuisine. That’s why a traditional ingredient from the south of Italy combined with one from the north can produce a great dish. The same happens with products we find on European tables but that originate, for example, from Africa and South America. Eliminating taste borders is what inspires Bruno Cossio, who merges memories and imagination in search of new frontiers to explore.

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