Maurizio Serra

Favourite dish to eat:

chicken casserole

Favourite dish to cook:


Cooking in 3 words:

rigorous, beautiful, strenuous

Maurizio Serra’s career reflects normality in all respects. Normality intended in the noblest sense of the term, in which simplicity and spontaneity become the distinguishing traits of his philosophy of work and life. Born in Parma in 1976, after attending the Salsomaggiore Hotel School he did his apprenticeship in a traditional restaurant in Parma. This was followed by a season in Sardinia, a rewarding job in a Parma delicatessen shop, a few years abroad in Scotland and Australia, a work experience in the Roof Garden Hotel in Bergamo, and then in the kitchen of a wine bar.

As he grew professionally, Serra developed an affinity for the chef trade and its world that is not to be taken for granted. With penetrating intuition, he realized immediately that there is a deep connection between chef and customer. He developed a sensibility capable of understanding that if the chef cooks with love the customer, in turn, will be more satisfied. This point, however, extends to the pleasures of the table, to the sense of sociability that is created among the guests. Sharing, therefore, is the goal to aim for, one that leads the gastronomic aspect to play a social role. The Chef is elevated through the simplicity of a profession that gives pleasure and Maurizio Serra, thanks to his “gentle, noble firmness”, is a silent interpreter of the most virtuous message that a Chef can convey.

At ALMA, Chef Maurizio Serra is Head of the Mater teaching restaurant and fulfils to perfection the role of Executive Chef.

Topic: Sitting down together to eat. Italian classicism.

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