A Taste of Italy

Intended for

International food lovers wishing to enrich their trip to Italy discovering the excellences of Italian Gastronomy in a brand new way.




A Taste Of Italy is the first short-course by ALMA.

A 1-week program addressed to Italian Food Lovers wishing to enrich their trip to Italy. Above all, a different way to explore the country and to discover the excellences of Italian Gastronomy in a brand new way.

The course, following the “ALMA Method” combines:

  • academic lessons
  • direct experience of products and raw materials
  • command of techniques and processes
  • knowledge and practice of Italian traditional recipes
  • a focus on pasta, wines and pastry
  • a lecture on History of Italian Cuisine and a tasting session

The ALMA course A Taste Of Italy will also allow the students to have a direct touch of the school life-changing experience. Therefore being preparatory to ALMA courses, the New Italian Culinary Program and the Italian Modern Pastry Program.

The school will also provide, upon request, information about hotels in Parma, UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy and Culture City 2020, and in the nearby area, selecting those structures that can enrich the “food and wine” experience.

Enrolments for A Taste of Italy are currently closed. Stay tuned for further information about next available edition!


If you wish to know more or if you are still in doubt about what program works best for you, book your 1-to-1 Personal Online Orientation Meeting!

You will have the possibility to organize a Skype or a WhatsApp call with our Admission Team and ask your questions. A chance to know more about the educational path and application procedure as well as learn about the extra services offered by the school.



If you wish to know more about the school, the course and the special price offer for the students, please contact us!

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