If you are planning a fall tour in Italy and you have a deep passion for Italian food, you should complete your holiday with an immersive food&wine experience, made of tastes and culture.

ALMA, The International School of Italian Cuisine, is the perfect hub for a culinary vacation in Italy. Its headquartes is located in the heart of the Italian Food Valley, the core of the gastronomical excellences of our country: a treasure you could discover both in class and travelling.

“A Taste of Italy” is the ALMA course that offers options to both Food Lovers, wishing to take cooking classes and have a culinary experience during their vacations in Italy, as well as to professionals, wishing to enrich their gastronomical tour of Italy and their expertise with one-to-one tailor made programs.

Read the program of our courses and don’t lose the chance to enrich you holiday in Italy. Enjoy our land of Food!


Discover more about our brand new summer program “A Taste Of Italy” , an immersive week dedicated to Italian Food&Wine with theorical lessons, tasting sessions and field trips.


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