5 Months
9 Weeks in ALMA
12 Weeks in Traineeship

Intended for

The Italian Modern Pastry Program is a 5 months course held in English language for international students aspiring to learn basic pastry techniques and Italian traditional recipes


  • Proficient knowledge of English language
  • Great motivation and passion to start a professional path in pastry
  • A first experience in the sector
  • At least 18 years of age
  • High school diploma
  • Applicants older than 40 years of age are asked to submit a motivational letter

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The program aims at teaching the fundamentals of Italian modern Pastry in its regional variations with theory, demonstrations and training classes.

Spend two months at ALMA headquarters in the heart of the italian food valley, 10 km far from Parma, the Unesco City of Gastronomy and learn the authentic Italian pastry from acclaimed chefs.

Then complete this lifetime experience with a 3-month internship in the pastry section of a restaurant, hotel structure or pastry lab in a in one of the 20 Italian region.


Applications to the Italian Modern Pastry Program are currently closed. We will soon open the application for 2020 edition. Stay tuned!


“Professional Pastry Chef” of Italian modern pastry.(Final exam mandatory to achieve the certificate)


In 2019, the Italian Modern Pastry Program course fee is 13.595 € VAT included.

Special offer for 2019 edition: 30% OFF, so the final course fee is: 9.516€ + tool kit at 305€ = 9.821€ (VAT included)



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