ALMAlink, the service introduced by ALMA in 2012 to help both its graduates and its business associates, today offers a platform to assist its own ALUMNI in their careers, whether they are new graduates venturing into the world of work, professionals seeking new opportunities, young entrepreneurs or managers looking for qualified staff.

Today, a dedicated team is available to ALMA professionals to further their careers and serves as a reference point for their training, development and refresher courses.

ALMALink is supported by an online recruitment and networking platform in the hospitality sector, intended for graduates from the top schools in the worldhttps. Alma link

ALMA has created an ALUMNI community, which today has reached almost 4000 members who work as chefs, pastry chefs, breadmakers, sommeliers, waiting and bar professionals and food & beverage managers.

This isn’t just a recruitment platform: its members become part of a network of professionals in the hotel and hospitality sector around the world, and, through the feeds they add to their profiles, they can view the daily activities and events taking place at ALMA, follow the news from major companies in the sector, and contact graduates from ALMA as well as from other international schools on the platform.

All this can be easily managed through an App which can be downloaded onto your smartphone.

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