A unique and valuable method

For all its range of different courses, ALMA’s teaching is based on a training programme consisting of theory, training and internship.

Students are given three separate modules during their programme of studies, each one with its own objective, teaching method and specialist structure.

DEMOs: these lessons, held by teaching chefs, academics, guest chefs and sous-chefs which provide academic content and demonstrations (demos) about specific techniques associated with the chosen programme.

TRAINING & PRACTICAL LESSONS:in rooms with a full range of modern equipment, or in the school restaurants, our students practice and learn the speciality they have chosen in their programme of studies guided by our tutors.

MASTERCLASS: to offer our students a wider range of skills and expertise, ALMA’s training programme includes the chance to meet and have masterclasses with famous chefs and hospitality professionals from Italy and abroad.

Our advanced training course ends with a continuous assessment consisting of tests during the course and of final exams held at ALMA’s headquarters in the presence of top professionals in the hotel and catering sector, who in their role as examiners, evaluate the students’ attainment.

Didactic wine cellar

The wine cellar, settled in the basement of the 18th Century Reggia, includes a collection of Italian wines, and is specially conceived by ALMA to best represent wines and producers of every Italian region. It will be equipped with an innovative research system, based on a peculiar use of light.

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