Synergies formed through knowledge and expertise.

Sponsoring an important establishment like ours and becoming a committed partner can happen if you have a common vision which leads to a concrete plan of action with concrete results.

This is what happens between ALMA and all the companies that sponsor us which are among the most important ones in the international arena, directly or indirectly associated with the world of cooking and hospitality.

All our sponsors and suppliers have found networking opportunities through ALMA by getting involved in:

  • editorial projects
  • promotional events
  • the organisation of business conferences
  • corporate entertainment at trade fairs and press conferences
  • tailor-made courses for leading customers
  • visits to institutions,
  • training and masterclasses
  • team building activities and competitions
  • exchanges with international schools

Becoming an ALMA sponsor means to take advantage of a set of skills and values, by selecting each time the most suitable ones according to your own requirements. It means coming into contact with hundreds of students and dozens of chefs on a daily basis.

Official Partner ALMA


Main Sponsors

Acqua Panna San Pellegrino
Agugiaro e Figna
Cacao Barry
Coppini Arte Olearia
Ginori 1735

Technical Sponsor

Campari Academy
De Nigris
Olitalia Frienn
Pavoni Italia
Riserva San Massimo

Didactical supporter

Zafferano 3 Cuochi

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