Join our Open Days and learn more about ALMA!

Discover more about ALMA course offer and the extra-services of the school.

ALMA staff will be happy to welcome you in ALMA, and share information about the School, the programs, and the life in the campus.

In presence activity


ALMA opens its doors to students interested to have a direct experience. Take the chance to visit the school in person and meet the staff to go deeper into the educational paths and side services to support the students, such as visa procedure guidance, accommodation, career support and more.

Enjoy a full experience of Italian hospitality, including the visit of the campus, the meeting with the ALMA Admission Team and Career Service and an Italian Aperitivo.

Next event available soon! Stay tuned!


Activity with a limited number of seats. Participants are requested to reserve their spot in advance.


Online activity


In total safety, by connecting from your home PC or smartphone, you will be able to “virtually enter” the School and ask questions about programs, teachers and school life. During the Open Days, the Admission Team will also provide information on the Admission and Enrolment process as well as batches of intakes and deadlines.

Furthermore, all participants to the Virtual Open Days will have access to special dedicated payment facilities.

Next event available soon! Stay tuned!


Participants are requested to reserve their spot in advance. Registrations close 1 day prior to the event.

Sorry, we have no events planned at the moment.

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