Academics and Experts

Ciro Fontanesi
Teaching Coordinator of ALMA Wine Academy
Alessandro Fadda
Teaching Coordinator of Food & Beverage Manager Master
Roberto Gardini
Teaching Coordinator of Sala, Bar & Sommellerie Advanced Program
Fabio Amadei
Head of Gastronomic Culture and Sustainability
Novella Bagna
Sensory analysis
Gianpaolo Braceschi
Sensory analysis
Antonio Cassano
Restaurant Management
Renato Brancaleoni
Italian Cheese & Cold cuts
Nicola Chighine
Massimo Castellani
Enography and Oenology
Laila Ciocca
Gastronomic Culture and Sustainability
Ivano Dolciotti
Business management
Matteo Federici
Management, Cost analysis, pricing
Costanza Fregoni
Oenology, Oenography, Viticulture
Massimo Gelati
Food Safety
Francesca Giopp
Pierluigi Gorgoni
Giuseppe Grassi
Foodservice production systems
Andrea Grignaffini
Food and Wine
Talia Milani
Italian Language
Vittorio Majori
Italian Pasta Making
Davide Mondin
Typical products and certification
Guido Mori
Gastronomic physics
Matteo Pessina
Marianna Petracca
Restaurant service & Hospitality
Simone Rodolfi
Stefano Venturelli
Restaurant service & Hospitality

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