Stefano Scarso

After graduating from the “Principi Grimaldi” hotel school in Modica, Stefano Scarso, who has always been in love with ovens and stoves, continues in his pursuit of becoming a professional chef and, aware that to achieve great goals everyone always needs a great preparation, enrolls in ALMA, where he attends the Advanced Course in Italian Cuisine. From that moment on, his projection toward the world of fine dining is triggered and he begins among illustrious kitchens of big names: first, an internship leads him alongside Chef Massimo Spigaroli at the Michelin-starred Antica Corte Pallavicina in Parma, then, still in Emilia, he moves to Il Rigoletto Restaurant in Reggiolo, where he stays for a couple of years.

To take the big leap and to feel more complete, however, there was a need to understand how the world turns, how cooking works outside Italy and how a brigade work abroad: thus began Stefano Scarso’s journey to Europe. First stop, no less than the court of Monsieur George Blanc, where he stays for more than a year as Chef de Partie. Then he flies to the United Kingdom to the Waterside Inn, two Michelin stars. Finally, a brief but priceless experience at the Geranium *** in Denmark.

Back in Italy, he joined the brigade of Piazza Duomo at Enrico Crippa’s, but the ways of providence are endless and when the opportunity to turn around and return abroad presents itself, Chef Scarso does not think twice: he leaves for Japan and adds to the list of his “stars” also the 3 very prestigious ones of the Nihonryori Ryugin Restaurant. A new world, a new culture, a different way of understanding cuisine: but the more you experience, the more you also know yourself. The journey does not stop and brings him back to Italy, to Modica, where he becomes Chef de Cuisine at Accursio Radici Osteria. Finally, before fully joining ALMA’s Teaching Chefs in 2022, Scarso rings in a new important experience of life and cooking at Ospena Group’s Il Molino Restaurant, less emblazoned than the previous ones but from which the Chef took away with him great lessons.

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