NEW | Master Health & Performance Chef
6 weeks
180 + hours of didactics

Intended for

  • Young chefs with basic cooking experience seeking specific training that offers innovative and up-to-date professionalism and leads to a position in the industry.
  • Professional chefs who want to add new skills and give a vertical orientation to their career.
  • A sports group or wellness resort chef who wants to expand and update his or her skills and acquire marketable professional qualification.


  • Access to the course is reserved to persons over 18 years of age, with basic cooking skills and/or 1 year’s experience
  • *The school reserves the right to request a CV and a motivational interview.

Being a chef in a new way.
Position yourself in the industry with innovative professionalism.
Offering to the market what today is missing.


Health and Performance Chef is the new ALMA Master’s course designed to build a professional profile that combines the gastronomic and taste skills of a chef with the scientific and functional skills of expert nutritionists and dieticians, to meet the needs of fields such as sport, wellness or nutrition paths when pathologies linked to incorrect lifestyles are present.
This Master’s course is organised under the patronage of UEFA to offer new professional horizons to modern chefs and open up new opportunities.


Find out how far you can go with ALMA Master’s course ‘Health & Performance Chef’!

Listen to the interview with Michele UVA, UEFA Football & Social Responsibility Director, on the role of nutrition in the sports sector and, in particular, in the world of football.

Partner tecnici del Master Health & Performance Chef



Certificate of attendance of the Health & Performance Chef Master’s course


The enrolment fee is € 8,000 VAT EXCLUDED

The fee includes:
• Uniform
• Tool Kit
• Teaching materials
• Lunches on course days



LAUNCH PRICE Early Booking until 29 SEPTEMBER

8.000 €   7.200 €

VAT excluded

HURRY UP: after 29 sEPTEMBER the price will go up!

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