ALMA is the most authoritative training center of Italian Cuisine on an international level.

The School - which is located in the Reggia di Colorno, a few kilometers from Parma - trains chefs, confectioners, sommeliers, restaurant professionals and catering managers of tomorrow, thanks to high-level programs created with the most authoritative teachers.

Culinary art and Italianness are inextricably linked: studying and "training" for a desirable future in catering is an experience not to be missed.


Higher education for a great chef's future

A unique course in Italy for those who want to invest in their own future by learning Italian Cuisine from Great Chefs and from the best teachers.


Become a confectioner
For those who want to acquire and perfect the fundamentals of Italian confectionery with the guidance and teaching of great pastry chefs.


Become a Master of Italian Cuisine
ALMA is the world’s leading international educational and training centre for Italian cuisine. ALMA educates chefs and sommeliers from all around the world, with advanced training programs by the most authoritative teachers.

Lounge Bar and Somellerie

ALMA aims to give back, through the high level of training, identity and value to the role of "Sala di Sala" and to respond in a concrete way, through the activation of an ad hoc course, to what is required by the labor market.

Become a Manager

A specific path for those who want to acquire and develop managerial and entrepreneurial skills in the catering sector.

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