Approaching the world of work

All ALMA courses are divided into two stages:

  • The first, called residential, consists of theory and practical lessons in the school
  • The second involves an internship in prestigious institutions in the restaurant and hospitality sector both in Italy and abroad, selected by ALMA’s Directorate of Studies.

This internship represents an essential step within ALMA’s training programme which is considered as important as the study phase at school. It is indeed a time when students are asked to put into practice all the knowledge and skills they have learned during lessons and challenge themselves in a real and intense working environment.

The internship establishments chosen by ALMA are all of the highest level: restaurants, patisseries, hotels and bakeries in Italy and abroad that project the students in a live situation which enables them to learn “in the workplace”.

To practice at a fine-dining restaurant or in a large hotel chain is not an end unto itself. The value of an internship at an establishment chosen by ALMA provides guarantees that you will be on the front line, learning from the great masters, being challenged by experts, and appreciating the importance of learning from your own mistakes and starting again.

Furthermore: for students, the ALMA internship is often the first opportunity to enter the world of work. More and more students are offered a job by the establishment where they do their internship.

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