Curiosity, the desire to discover and learn, the ability to relate to people and their worlds: these are the characteristics that have led Alessandra Rubini to become a Chef with a wealth of experiences. In addition, of course, to the fact of having a great, deep, sincere passion for cooking. Because “for me, cooking is… life, passion, study, dedication, courage.”

After graduating from the high school for scientific studies in Pescara, Alessandra decided she needed to travel in order to fulfil her ambition and pursue the dream of becoming a real Chef. So she packed her bags and left to come into contact with realities and cultures “that have enriched and indelibly shaped my personal development.”

But Alessandra also knew how necessary it was to build a career as a Chef on a solid training foundation and therefore decided to enrol in the Advanced Course in Italian Cuisine at ALMA, where she graduated in 2016.

After that she had a succession of culinary experiences in the kitchens of renowned chefs such as Carlo Cracco and Antonio Guida, and eventually moved to Copenhagen to immerse herself in Nordic culture where, among others, she alongside Max Waldo Osborne at the Michelin starred Studio restaurant.

But Italy was calling her back, especially the desire to create something of her own in her city.

So Alessandra returned to “put together the pieces of the puzzle” and “show what I have learned and what I am capable of” and today she is a private chef at Rubini-Private Chef & Food Advisor for events, catering and consulting.

She also holds the role of ALMA Ambassador: “To me, being an ALMA Chef Ambassador means bringing to the world what this school has been able to teach me, the limitless love for good food. As far as I am concerned, this is a mission that is not limited to my work but rather involves every  moment of my life when I can convey passion and dedication to cooking in all its aspects. ALMA is a school that has taught me not only how to work but how to do it in the best way, with order, rigour, professionalism, and an ethical sense that should at all times characterize you as a person and as a professional. Today, the opportunity to travel the world as an ALMA Ambassador allows me to widen the scope of these values and share them wherever I go.”

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