Training, education, culture

ALMA’s experience in training meets PLAN’s (publishing company in Loreto – AN) experience in publishing which, over the years, has developed a specialised series in the food and wine sector. Their collaboration, which now spans over ten years, has given life to an editorial project combining education with the world of work.

The materials are developed, tried and tested by internationally renowned chefs, patissiers, sommeliers to prepare the next generation of restaurant professionals are the theoretical basis of each course taken by ALMA’s students. An enthralling, motivating and constantly updated range of educational materials. The aim is that theory embraces practice in a natural way, to build the foundations of success in your studies as well as in your career.

The ALMA PLAN collection also includes a series of books intended for Hotel and Catering Schools, educational materials and tools designed specifically for teachers and intended to develop and test skills and knowledge.


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