Daniele Chiari, born and raised in Genzano Di Roma, a small town in the Roman Castles region, has been living and working abroad for almost twenty years.

He began his culinary journey in 2000, first at “Forno a Legna da Sergio,” his uncle’s renowned bakery in Genzano, and then in different local trattorias.

His career as a chef started at the Grand Hotel St. Regis and continued at the Hotel De Russie, part of the “Rocco Forte” hotel chain.

In 2006, driven by a great determination and desire to explore the world, the young chef emigrated to the Netherlands, where he worked for 3 years at  “Roberto’s” restaurant in the Hilton Amsterdam hotel.

In 2009, he opened his first Italian restaurant, “Il Piacere del Gusto, with the Hilton chain in the Emirates.

In the winter of 2011, he embarked on a new project with the Renaissance Marriott hotel in Doha, Qatar, where he managed the traditional Italian trattoria “Cucina” for a year.

With his extensive Italian and international culinary experience, in 2013 he took on his first role as Executive Chef in Kazakhstan, where he opened the country’s first 5-star resort (Rixos Hotels) for the Kazakh President.

In 2015 he moved to Belarus, where he had the opportunity to open a new hotel, the Renaissance Marriott in Minsk.

At the end of 2017 he relocated to Saudi Arabia, where he currently works as Royal Protocol Hospitality and Catering chef, heading a team of international chefs at official government events in Saudi Arabia.

In addition, Daniele represents the Saudi government worldwide, as a member of the “Club Des Chefs Des Chefs,” a group of chefs who manage catering for various international governments. However, he never forgets his country, Italy, and its culinary culture and he is now the ambassador in Saudi Arabia for ALMA and the historic company “Barilla.”

His cuisine is original, diverse, and influenced by the myriad nuances of Mediterranean, Arab, and Asian culinary traditions: a cuisine that serves as a bridge between Europe and Asia. He believes in tradition, development, and innovation that contribute to enhance and provide an optimal combination of flavours, quality, and quantity.


Favourite dish: strozzapreti pasta with clams and truffle


Favourite dish to cook:

bitter almond-crusted lamb fillet with beetroot cream and pomegranate molasses, served on a mint and ginger chlorophyll reduction.





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