Emilia Romagna region: a mission in Aseer to export our model

When it comes to tourism and food and wine, Italy, and even more specifically Emilia Romagna, cannot but be called an example, a testimony and guide for countries that on this front are broadening their vision and trying to improve their expertise. The enhancement of the territory, cultural heritage, agribusiness, and incentives are skills that the world recognizes us and that is often taken as a model, mutatis mutandis, even by countries very different from ours.

One of these is Saudi Arabia, a country that pursues this goal with huge investments, as it is projected now more than ever toward the Western world. Of this it studies design and identity heritage in order to replicate in its own territory iconic models and best practices that have brought profit and success to those who have been able to put them in place.

In this context goes the mission of the Emilia Romagna Region, which was invited to the Culinary Arts & Gastro-Tourism Symposium organized by the Culinary Art Commission in the Aseer, a region of the Arabian Peninsula overlooking the Red Sea, thanks to the support of Art ER and Clustu ER-Agrifood, the association of companies, research centers, and training institutions that share skills, ideas and resources to support the competitiveness of the agri-food sector at the international level. .

Within the delegation, there was also a representation from Parma, which included Andrea Sinigaglia, ALMA General Manager; Cristiano Casa, former Councillor for Commerce and Tourism and former president of Visit Emilia; and Marcella Pedroni, secretary general of Fiere.

During the symposium, thanks in part to the speeches of the delegates present, Parma was taken as a virtuous example, especially for Budraidah, also a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy, with which there is potential for future collaboration.


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