Ideas that intrinsically possess vitality and growth potential evolve over time, are enriched by values, and generate fresh opportunities. Today, being an ALMA sponsor means much more than it might have just a few years ago.

Not only because the school’s activity and fame have constantly grown, both in Italy and in all the main countries of the world. Not only because ALMA has quickly but confidently gone from being a successful experiment to an established reference point in the high-range training sector. Not only because its image as a “guarantor of high quality” has been clearly consolidated.

Let us expand our vision. Today, being an ALMA sponsor means belonging to a system at whose centre are values such as knowledge of all aspects of food, organisational capacity, international credibility, and, of course, training skills. Consequently, being an ALMA sponsor means being able to draw on this set of skills and values, selecting in turn those that are most suitable to realise corporate goals.

More concretely, this increasingly translates into the support that ALMA can provide for a Sponsor’s strategies or tactically significant activities, such as the fine-tuning of new products, the realization of ad hoc recipes, the planning and implementation of tailor-made courses, the writing of publications, the organisation of events, and so forth.

Thus, being an ALMA sponsor means having available a powerful operative support tool for corporate strategies, featuring valid professional content that can be implemented in a targeted way to create projects with tangible results. An aid for Sponsors to expand their vision and efficiency by sharing common goals and visions.

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