A day dedicated to IPSSAR students to learn about the School

ALMA welcomes bookings for free guided tours of its centre, giving you the chance to experience first-hand the reality of the Scuola Internazionale di Cucina Italiana (International School of Italian Cookery). You can combine a visit to the school with a training day for IPSSAR students with special lessons held by our teachers, based on your specific area of interest. Personalised lessons must be booked and paid for in advance.

By experiencing it first hand, students of IPSSAR hotel and catering schools have the opportunity to be part of ALMA, to get to know the amenities and teaching methods which the Scuola Internazionale di Cucina Italiana provides in order to deliver excellent professional training.

Another way of getting to know ALMA are its Open Days, which focus on a specific course and are intended for future students and their families. These dates may be notified by the IPSSAR teachers to students who wish to find out more about ALMA on their own or where a group visit for the whole class is not available.

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