• International Program of Italian Cuisine

    English language

    Spend two months at ALMA and learn the authentic Italian cuisine first-hand from acclaimed Italian chefs, then complete this lifetime experience at your own stage restaurant.

    To get more information about our International Programs contact: infoalma@scuolacucina.it or discover how to register.

  • International program of Italian Cuisine - October 14th 2014 – May 20th 2014

  • January 13th 2015 - International Program of Modern Pastry - Get more information: infoalma@scuolacucina.it


  • Professional Cook of Italian CuisineProfessional Cook of Italian Cuisine

    Take your passion to a new level!

    Perfect your skills, and become a real professional in Italian Cuisine. Get your Certificate of Professional Cook of Italian Cuisine

    New dates:

    October 14th 2014 – May 20th 2015

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