• Example is the highest form of teachingExample is the highest form of teaching

    Turn your passion into a profession
  •  International Program of Italian Cuisine International Program of Italian Cuisine

    Spend two months at ALMA and learn the authentic Italian cuisine first-hand from acclaimed Italian chefs, then complete this lifetime experience at your own stage restaurant.
  • The Palace of Colorno: an unforgettable locationThe Palace of Colorno: an unforgettable location

    The International School of Italian Cuisine is hosted inside the Ducal Palace of Colorno, gazing out to a beautiful 18th Century garden
  • ALMA and the working worldALMA and the working world

    ALMA is a path that does not come to an end with exams or certificate

    ALMA is the world’s leading international educational and training centre for Italian Cuisine.
  • Become a Professional Pastry ChefBecome a Professional Pastry Chef

    For those who want to acquire and improve the fundamentals of Italian
  • The new Advanced Course of Restaurant & Bar ManagementThe new Advanced Course of Restaurant & Bar Management

    Become a professional on a high level in the management of restaurant and food service
  • ALMA Wine AcademyALMA Wine Academy

    An International training centre dedicated to the world of wine
  • Case histories: Luca VerittiCase histories: Luca Veritti

    Executive Chef at the Met Restaurant earns a Michelin Star
  • ALMA VivaALMA Viva

    The Italian Culinary Festival: a yearly appointment for ALMA to celebrate Italian Cuisine
  • ALMA International Network

    ALMA International Network
    A network of great educational centres all over the world. With these great Schools ALMA organizes Courses of Italian Cuisine, structured on periods of study and practical training in Italy during in-school periods and externship periods at the most renowned Italian restaurants.
  • Special Projects

    • ALMA link
    • Alma Wine Academy
    • Alma Viva
    • Alma Caseus
    • Alma Plan
    • Expo 2015 Milano


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