• Amatricianae

    An editorial charity project created by ALMA & Edizioni Plan involving 33 famous italian chefs


  • From California to Colorno, Google meets ALMA

    Chef Rossi Carrillo Villaran from Google Food spent 4 weeks of training in ALMA to discover the secrets of Italian cuisine:
    "In ALMA the mealtime becomes brainfood, food for the mind, inspirational in developing new ideas"
    From California to Colorno, Google meets ALMA
  • The Week of Italian Cuisine in the World

    ALMA is amongst the promoters and protagonists of "The Week of Italian Cuisine in the World", to be held from the 20th to the 26th of November 2017

    Prima Settimana della Cucina Italiana nel Mondo
  • ALMA International Network

    A network of great educational centres all over the world

    With these great Schools ALMA organizes Courses of Italian Cuisine, structured on periods of study and practical training in Italy during in-school periods and internship periods at the most renowned Italian restaurants.
  • Special Projects

    Services for students, schools and companies provided by ALMA

    • ALMA link
    • Alma Wine Academy
    • Alma Viva
    • Alma Caseus
    • Alma Plan
    • Expo 2015 Milano

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