ALMA, Guest Country Italia, at AIMS Hospitality Week

ALMA at AIMS ospitality Week to represent Italy as Guest Country of the event.

AIMS, whose headquarter is located in Bangalore, India, is a partner school of ALMA and it represents an important element of the ALMA international network created to bring abroad the culture and the professionalism of the Italian Cuisine.

During the AIMS Hospitality Week, attended by the Consul General of Italy in Mumbai Stefania Costanza, ALMA Chef Ambassador Andrea Ruisi realized a cooking show dedicated to around 40 AIMS students, deeply involved and interested in the demonstration, combining techniques and culinary arts. Together with other local chefs, Andrea Ruisi realized the Gala lunch, focusing on Indian dishes and paired with Italian wines.

Finally, he participated in the Round Table Conference entitled “The Importance of Culinary Economics and Specialized Global Skill Development in Culinary Arts”.

Next to him in this experience, Binita Debnath, Indian student coming from AIMS and currently attending the Italian Culinary Program in ALMA.

After the AIMS Hospitality Week, Chef Ruisi along with Binita Debnath took part in the Opening Ceremony of IICA – The International Institute of Culinary Arts in New Delhi and then they realized a cooking show for the students. The goal was to strengthen the cooperation between ALMA and IICA as the first step after the signature of the parchment that took place in New Delhi during the Week of the Italian Cuisine in the World.


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