ALMA & Richard Ginori: a new co-branded collection of tableware

Richard Ginori, the maximum expression of Italian excellence in the artistic manufacture of pure porcelain since 1735, confirms its participation in the 41th edition of HostMilano, world-leading fair dedicated to the hospitality and restaurant world, taking place in Milan from October 18th to 22nd.
For the occasion of the event, the Florentine maison presents its new collection, Aria, born of the strategic partnership consolidated with ALMA – The International School of Italian Cuisine, and has been designed in close collaboration with its team of chefs with the goal of designing and developing a series of products and collections dedicated to the world of “High End Hospitality and Catering”.

Today, tableware is a very dynamic sector in terms of innovation and change. The mise-en-place no longer follows the classic scheme – highlights Annalisa Tani, Brand and Product Director of Richard Ginoribut is conceived as a stage-setting where the client-spectator can try, and most of all, live a unique experience. The new concept of table setting sees, in fact, a mix & match of shapes, colours, new materials and even furnishing objects that take their place in the mise-en-place. We believe that a collaboration with an entity as prestigious as ALMA constitutes the best instrument to better respond to the needs of the sector, particularly of the “High End Hospitality and Catering” channel. The new Aria collection, conceived and created with the participation of the team of ALMA chefs, is a combination of movement, lightness and innovation, developed with a new formulation of porcelain, Hyper*P, and shaped into a form of absolute design.

Versatile, multifunctional and practical, the Aria collection is composed of 5 adaptable elements (flat plate, deep plate, show plate, small gourmet plate, bowl) that, mixed or inverted in a perfect play of combinations, create new models that make every dish unique.
Aria allows the composition of different table settings, and each time the pieces of the collection transform from plate to cover to raised stand. With a view to beautiful and functional design, Aria, with its modular capacity, has been designed for different uses and is ideal for optimizing space.

The new collection is created with a highly innovative Hyper*P porcelain formulation, designed following a study of more than two years in the laboratories of the Florentine maison.
Porcelain developed with the Hyper*P formulation is, therefore, highly performing and resistant to impacts, ideal for the restaurant sector, but at the same time, preserves all of its prized characteristics.

Matteo Berti, Education Director of ALMA
added: “Aria is a winning and fascinating project to demonstrate the strength of the link that unites plate and raw material. In ALMA, the latter takes on an important focus in the educational programme, and so, the support on which it rests must be no less. The respect for the raw material starts from its processing to arrive to the moment in which it is served. This is why, as ALMA, we have collaborated with Richard Ginori in the creation of the founding concepts of Aria, designing it as an integrating part of the construction of a dish within a menu: from appetiser to dessert”.

To demonstrate the characteristics and the specific features of the new collection, Richard Ginori, together with chef Matteo Berti, Educational Director of ALMA, and two chefs from the Scuola will hold a live tasting on Saturday, October 19th at Hall 09 – Stand C19 D20.

The Aria collection completely reflects the identity of Richard Ginori. A perfect synthesis between culture and beauty, excellence of know-how, innovation and creativity.


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