Welcome to the journey that is going to lead you through Italian iconic products, recipes and traditions, under the direction of ALMA teachers, chefs and sommelier. In this 5 video-masterclass you will “taste” a bite of our enogastronomic culture, made of products like parmigiana reggiano, parma ham, and balsalmic vinegard. You will also discover how our street food can become a noble food or the number of ways you can say “coffee”.

Enjoy this ALMA journey and enjoy Made in Italy!


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ALMA is recognized as the world’s leading educational and training centre for Italian food and beverage, training cooks, pastry chefs, bakery chefs, sommeliers, professional waiting staff, restaurant managers, pizza chefs, pasta chefs and gelato artisans.

ALMA is based in the heart of the Food Valley, in the beautiful Ducal Palace of Colorno, just a few kilometres from Parma, a 2015 UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy.


This video explores the historical and territorial links to traditional dishes across Italy. Ranging from North to South, Fabio Amadei and Chef Carlo Maria Ricci will introduce you to three of the most iconic dishes from Bologna, Milan, and Napoli, and will familiarize you with the rich, deep connection Italians have with these dishes.


  • Fabio Amadei, Head of Gastronomic Culture and Sustainability
  • Carlo Maria Ricci, ALMA Chef Ambassador

We invite Fabio Amadei and Chef Carlo Maria Ricci to explain the importance of discerning what is real Italian food between what is not, through indications such as the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) and Traditional Specialty Guaranteed (TSG). Using local ingredients from the Emilia Romagna region, they demonstrate the standards by which these foods need to meet in order to be considered a PDO, PGI or TSG product, and also explain the historical value that each product carries.


  • Fabio Amadei, Head of Gastronomic Culture and Sustainability
  • Carlo Maria Ricci, ALMA Chef Ambassador

Street food maintains a strong presence in the Italian food culture, and, in this video, Fabio Amadei and Chef Carlo Maria Ricci take you on a food tour throughout the markets of northern, central, and southern Italy to familiarize you with some of the most popular foods. Following a timeline of morning, snack, lunch and dinner, Chef Ricci and Amadei illustrate what it would be like to eat street food in regions such as Liguria, Sicilia, Emilia-Romagna, and Abruzzo throughout the day.


  • Fabio Amadei, Head of Gastronomic Culture and Sustainability
  • Carlo Maria Ricci, ALMA Chef Ambassador

In this video, Ciro Fontanesi, the coordinator of the ALMA Wine Academy, and Chef Carlo Maria Ricci develop food and beverage pairings for a 4 course meal. The demonstrations are of classical meals that will give you a basis in the understanding of the Italian food and beverage pairing culture, while delving into regions such as Tuscany and Veneto.


  • Ciro Fontanesi, ALMA Wine Academy Coordinator
  • Carlo Maria Ricci, ALMA Chef Ambassador

Ciro Fontanesi describes the importance, history, and territorial lineage of Italian coffee. In this video, you will also learn how to utilize various traditional Italian coffee makers. Follow this video and you will start your journey towards becoming an expert in Italian coffee!


  • Ciro Fontanesi, ALMA Wine Academy Coordinator

And now…


to keep on exploring Italian Food Culture!


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